Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

If you’re about to enter into litigation you’d better make sure you’ve got a legal team on your side who you not only trust, but believe in. At Frain & Associates, we’ve carved out a reputation for ourselves as tireless advocates who never stint on preparation, so we can help resolve our client’s disputes as quickly and favorably as possible.

Mass. Department of Developmental Services

The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is a huge state agency charged with providing services to the state’s 32,000 intellectually or developmentally disabled residents. We have extensive experience dealing with Mass. DDS in all types of legal matters including eligibility, Individual Support Planning (ISP) and civil right lawsuits.

Business Litigation

We’ll help you resolve all types of business disputes, including unfair competition, disputes under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), breach of contract claims, partnership and shareholder disputes, copyright and trademark infringement, and employment harassment and discrimination claims.


We’ll advise you about the type of legal and welfare decisions you can make as a legal guardian, and your legal rights, whether you need guidance with legal paperwork or representation once the guardian is appointed. If you’re deciding on care for a minor or an incapacitated person, we’ll guide you through a legal process that is thorough and correct.

Estate Planning

It may be difficult to discuss matters of estate planning, but we know that an effective estate plan will help ensure your estate is distributed as you intended, while reducing estate taxes and future legal costs. Our estate planning practice covers wills, trusts, estate tax planning, probate and estate administration, health care proxies, and special or supplemental needs trusts.

Small Business

Starting and running a small business requires skill and nerves of steel. To help you protect your business and personal assets, our Small Business practice handles everything from choosing the right legal structure for your venture, obtaining financing, hiring employees, choosing the right insurance policies, protecting inventions and intellectual property, to complying with relevant health and safety laws.

Divorce Law

There is nothing more fraught with emotional tension and financial insecurity than a divorce. At Frain & Associates we’re skilled in guiding our clients through this process. Our office has handled complex divorce litigation, the drafting and enforcement of related agreements, and the crafting of settlements related to child custody issues, the division of marital assets and the assignment of alimony and child support.

Real Estate Law

We help individuals, investors, developers and corporations to buy and sell real estate in Massachusetts. If you’re a first-time home buyer, a veteran investor, or an experienced developer, we can help you. Over the years we’ve negotiated countless purchase and sale agreements and conducted hundreds of closings. We’ve become experienced guides who can find time- and money-saving shortcuts for you, while helping you avoid any pitfalls. Most importantly, we’ll help reduce the stress and upheaval that often accompanies real estate transactions.

Personal Injury Law

Depending on the nature of your injury, you could be facing a lifetime of dealing with the results of someone else’s negligent actions. It’s critical that your legal representation always keep two goals in mind: first, to obtain enough money to cover your current and future medical bills and compensate you for all lost income, plus any pain or inconvenience suffered; second, we endeavor to ensure injury victims receive the best medical care available. We take great pride in helping our clients rebuild their lives after suffering a major injury.